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Camp Pennwood, strong since 1962

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Again this year, The Arc of York County’s Camp Pennwood continues its decades-long run of providing children with disabilities a chance at a summer camp. The camp operates during the heart of the summer, from early July to August 11.

Some of the 40 campers are wheel-chair bound, others can run and play with most any child. Some are non-verbal, others can dazzle visitors with their knowledge and abilities. One seven-year old was recently challenging staffers with their geography knowledge as he put together a puzzle. He named every state by shape, put it in the proper place and then announced the state capital with 100 percent accuracy. Then, he asked the birthdays of those staffers and told them what day of the week it was– again, with 100 per cent accuracy. Pretty amazing.

Aside from usual camp activities, campers were visited by various groups, including firefighters from York Area United Fire and Rescue, McGruff the Crime Dog, Balloon Man, Ryan Bridge (The Bug Man), and Therapy Dogs. On August 4, campers will Meet and Greet the Animals from the York County Agricultural Extension Office.

From The Arc’s web site–

Since 1962, The Arc of York County’s Camp Pennwood has been providing a wide range of summer camp activities, such as swimming, arts and crafts, music, sports and games.
Camp Pennwood is a one-of-a-kind program whose goals and objectives include:
To provide age-appropriate programs for children and teens, emphasizing personal, socialization, and recreational skills that can be carried over into daily lives;

  • To provide maximum physical and mental stimulation during the summer months, thereby minimizing regression in skills;
  • To provide family members with a valuable respite service, as well as a developmental experience for individuals with disabilities;
  • To provide campers with disabilities contact with non-disabled volunteer peers, as well as providing staff and volunteers with in-service training, and;
  • To offer a variety of camp components each session, including indoor and outdoor recreation, self-care instruction, arts and crafts, and music.

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